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How Tockto works?

Start Listening


Practice listening to real-life conversations from native speakers with original subtitle, pronunciation guide, and translation track at the same time.

Take Grammar Quiz

Grammar Quiz

Test your comprehension with Active Learning exercises that help you practice both sentence construction and correct grammar usage.

Practice Speaking


Try speaking and responding like in a real-life situation with Duet. You can check the result right after that, and you can watch the playback video to see your performance.

Featured Courses

Real English

Real English English (US)

Daily English speaking practice course. Just 15 minutes a day and you can speak English naturally like a native speaker. No basis required.

Basic Speaking English

Basic Speaking English English (US)

Let's learn English from basic by speaking and listening with simple daily-use English conversations.

Beginner Chinese

Beginner Chinese Chinese

Chinese language course for beginners. Learning through conversations along the trip with Xin Yun and Chinese grammar explanation from teacher.

Japanese in Tokyo

Learn Japanese in Tokyo Japanese

Having fun travelling in Tokyo with Yuki-chan and learn simple Japanese in real life.

Thai in Bangkok

Learn Thai in Bangkok Thai

Go around Bangkok with May who will teach you simple Thai words and phrases through real-life talk along the road.